Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rules for The Great Photography Challenge

What´s The Great Photography Challenge (TGPC)?
- TGPC is an effort towards recording two days in a year by using a camera by ordinary individuals who care about history and the future. We want the future to know what happened on these two days in 2010. We hope this will become an annual event for everyone.

Any particular theme for the challenge?
- The challenge is to record history. History of individuals, groups of individuals, a city, a movement, a school, a sunrise, a sunset, the night life, the market, a place of worship, etc. We suggest that you choose a theme or subject that you are comfortable with and that you can always go back to every year thereafter.

Any don´ts for the challenge?
- Yes, there are. We hope that everyone should abide by these TWO SIMPLE RULES.

1. We are recording history. So, please avoid alterations, changes in the photographs, or anything that will be enhanced by some software programs like Adobe Photoshop.
2. No choreograph poses, please. Don´t ask your subjects to smile, smirk, or anything else just to get that Kodak/historical moment.

Are you required to take 200 photographs?
- The 200 photographs are just estimates. If you think you can take less photographs and yet the best photographs then well and good. If you want to take more then go ahead.
- For every 100 shots that you take, chances are there are only 5 to 10 best shots. Given the two days shoot, then you will probably get about less than 30 best shots.

Who can join?
- Anyone can join for as long as he/she can take photographs. You don´t need proper photography education to take photographs. You only need a camera and your eyes. What matters most in photography are the camera, the photographer, and the eyes.

When will it be?
- The Great Photography Challenge will be on February 10 and 11, 2010. At the stroke of midnight of February 10 up to 11:59PM of February 11, 2010.

- Anywhere you as a photographer might deem fit to record history.

How many photographs will be submitted for online posting?
- We encourage everyone to submit not more than 30 photographs. But please make sure that these photographs are your best shots. We will NOT judge your photographs. It´s you who has the final say about the beauty of life. For each photograph, please provide the location where it was shot, time and date, and probably a background of 2 sentences describing the circumstances of the photo.

Where and how to post the photographs online?
- There is a special blogsite where everyone can post their best shots.
- Before you post your photographs, please email: evansyonson@gmail.com and providing the following information:
  • Name
  • Location
  • Email address
  • Number of photographs to be submitted

If you have more questions, please email Evans Yonson.

Thank you for taking this challenge!

Good luck!!

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